What DDFL Solutions can offer you:

  •  Bespoke health and safety policy, documentation and guidance – tailored specifically to your needs
  •  On site assistance
  •  Workplace audit and report including an action plan
  •  Assistance with completion of questionnaires (PQQs) for tenders
  •  Fire risk assessment of your premises
  •  Telephone advice line 24/7 for health & safety queries and reportable accidents
  •  Provision of Risk assessments, method statements, safe operating procedures
  •  A dedicated account manager.

After the initial audit, I will produce a Health and Safety report which will set out management actions, training and statutory notice requirements. I will arrange a follow up Health and Safety visit to explain your systems and to train your management team on how to use it.

We aim to ensure our clients understand:

  •  Their responsibilities
  •  Your company’s health and safety procedures
  •  The records that are required for completion and retention
  •  The relevant reports necessary for forwarding to persons within your organisation and various enforcing authorities.

DDFL Solutions will provide a service that makes your workplace a safer environment to protect both your colleagues and customers.