With my retained Health and Safety Consultancy Service, I become your competent Health and Safety Advisor, ensuring you have legally compliant and up to date policies and procedures in place, as well as being there to support you when required.

My Health and Safety Service includes:

  •  Bespoke health and safety policy, documentation and guidance – tailored specifically to your needs
  •  On site assistance
  •  Workplace audit and report including an action plan
  •  Assistance with completion of questionnaires (PQQs) for tenders
  •  Fire risk assessment of your premises
  •  Telephone advice line 24/7 for health & safety queries and reportable accidents
  •  Provision of Risk assessments, method statements, safe operating procedures
  •  A dedicated account manager.

After the initial audit by your health and safety consultant, I will produce a health and safety report which will set out management actions, training and statutory notice requirements. I will arrange for a health and safety visit to you again to explain your health and safety system and train your management team in its use.

We aim to ensure that they understand:

  •  Their responsibilities
  •  Your company’s health and safety procedures
  •  The records that are required for completion and retention
  •  The relevant reports necessary for forwarding to persons within your organisation and various enforcing authorities.

I will deliver a health and safety consultancy service that gives value for money and makes your workplace a safer environment.


Managing the aftermath of a major accident can be traumatic for management and costly for your business. DDFL are here to guide you through the accident investigation process, take away some of the stress and help you to move forward.

I can:

  • Provide assistance when liaising with enforcing authorities and solicitors
  • Carry out an investigation

I will act rapidly in response to improvement or prohibition notices, giving clear guidance and assistance where appropriate.


In order to maintain a safe working environment and therefore a healthy & safe workforce, you will need to undertake risk assessments. By law, regardless of the size of your organisation every employer shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work.

Risk assessments will help you to identify and focus on the risks that matter most in your workplace; they must be undertaken by a competent person/s. Should you decide to, DDFL can and will act as the competent person, working to help, guide and assist you to identify the hazards and evaluate the risks associated with your workplace.

As a retained client, you will be provided with all relevant risk assessments, I will provide you with information and instruction as to how to amend and make them specific to your premises and your environment and to review and update these assessments in the future.

Failure to manage risk in your workplace can seriously affect your business, harm your workforce, and could also land you in court.


Regulation 6 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) requires an employer to formally assess all operations and/or processes which are liable to cause exposure to hazardous substances.

Performing a COSHH assessment demonstrates that the company has considered all the factors relevant to the work and judgements have been made with regard to the type of hazard, monitoring exposure levels, and health surveillance of employees who may be at risk.

In order to comply with the regulations each assessment is required to be completed by a competent person. Therefore, the decision as to who should carry out that assessment will depend on the knowledge and experience required for the particular assessment and the complexity of the operation and/or process.

DDFL can and will act as the competent person, working with you to identify operations and/or processes that are liable to cause exposure to hazardous substances. We will generate and complete the necessary COSHH assessments and provide you with instruction as to how to review and update these assessments in the future.


You must ensure a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises is carried out and maintain a Fire Management Plan under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This applies if you are:

  • responsible for business premises
  • an employer or self-employed with business premises
  • responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes
  • a charity or voluntary organisation
  • a contractor with a degree of control over any premises
  • providing accommodation for paying guests.

Good management of fire safety in your premises is essential to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors.

DDFL’s Fire Risk Assessment will identify the fire hazards, people or groups involved, and will evaluate the risks. We will examine your fire detection, fire warning and emergency lighting systems and the means of escape. The assessment contains an action plan for any improvements required, giving timescales to implement recommendations.

A Fire Risk Assessment is vital for business contingency as, in the event of a fire at your premises, it is quite possible that your insurance company may dispute making payment if you do not have a current Fire Risk Assessment with a live action plan.

DDFL retained clients benefit from help, guidance and assistance to review their Fire Risk Assessment every year as part of their service with me.


Only you know the methods you will apply to your work. However I can assist you to write clear and concise Method Statements, Safe Operating Procedures, Safe Systems Of Work which reduce the risk of accidents by reflecting how each part of the job will be carried out safely.

In order to assist you with developing method statements, I need to be able to:

* visit the workplace concerned

* look at the safety elements of the task

* discuss your approach, your work or maintenance schedule, your allocation of resource and your interface with others.

We will input the health and safety requirements, generate and append the necessary risk and COSHH Assessments. As well as presenting the whole document in a very professional format that you can confidently submit to your clients and use in your premises or on site.


These ergonomic workstation assessments are aimed at employees who use computers or mobile devices, to ensure that employers are able to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations. These Regulations require that workstation assessments and users of DSE are assessed and the findings recorded.

I can support you by attending your premises to undertake a face to face assessment or I can provide an online Workstation Assessment+ (WA+) solution which when linked with our training can enable the identification of specific or general issues, ensure timely interventions are taken and provide a full range of management reporting metrics.


I will visit each of your locations to conduct a comprehensive audit. The audit will be tailored to your needs and can cover health and safety, accessibility, environment, fire, food hygiene, hazardous substances, statutory inspections and any other topic you require.

Whilst on site I can check management arrangements as well as undertaking a physical inspection and can feedback my findings with a prioritised Action Plan whilst I am on-site.

I can also provide periodic reports of findings across locations visited.


With DDFL’s retained services you’ll have the tools to satisfy many areas of the pre-qualification process. Our documentation meets the requirements of many assessment bodies such as CHAS, Exor and Safe-Contractor. Giving you the confidence that with DDFL you are well on the way to securing more work and bigger contracts.

I can guide you through the complexities of PQQ documentation and processes. I /DDFL can only assist with certain areas of your PQQ I cannot provide site specific details – this is information you must supply. Or you may choose to have a day working with me on developing your tender documentation. This additional day would be charged separately.

PQQ’s are often required to be backed up by demonstrating competence, this can be assisted by employees attending suitable training courses which DDFL can offer. DDFL offers training to support your bid for tenders, with a review of your training needs being included to get you through the PQQ process.

Assessment for PQQ purposes is not just about having the right paperwork and training certificates. There is a need for you to demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, the environment, your employees and sometimes quality standards, which may require a cultural change within your workplace. I will work with your management team when you take our services, in order to guide you in the implementation of the procedures and best practice in health and safety and environmental management. We help you to ensure your team understand their responsibilities, reducing costly accidents and incidents to satisfy the requirements of the PQQ assessors.