In order to maintain a safe working environment for your workforce, you will need to undertake risk assessments. By law, regardless of the size of your organisation every employer must make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to their employees whilst they are at work.

Risk assessments will help you to identify and focus on the risks that matter most in your workplace; they must be undertaken by a competent person/s. Should you decide to, DDFL Solutions will act as the competent person, working with you, to help guide and assist you in identify the hazards associated with your workplace and evaluate the risks.

As a retained client, you will be provided with all relevant risk assessments. In acting as your competent person we will provide you with all the relevant information and instruction as to how to amend and make risk assessments specific to your premises/environment and to review and update these assessments on a regular basis.

Failure to manage risk in your workplace can seriously affect your business, harm your workforce, and could also land you in court, so please be careful and act responsibly.