As part of DDFL’s retained services we will help and guide you through the pre-qualification process. The documentation we provide meets the requirements of many assessment bodies such as CHAS, Exor, Construction Line, Altius and Safe-Contractor, giving you the confidence that with DDFL you are well on the way to securing more work and bigger contracts.

We can guide you through the complexities of PQQ documentation and processes. DDFL can assist with certain areas of your PQQ but please note we can’t provide site specific details – this is information you must supply. Alternatively if you would like support on developing your tender documentation, please specify as this does not fall within the retained service and will be charged separately.

You are often asked to support your PQQ’s by demonstrating competence within the workplace. This can be assisted by employees attending suitable training courses. DDFL offers training to support your bid for tenders, with a review of your training needs being included to get you through the PQQ process.

Assessment for PQQ purposes is not just about having the right paperwork and training certificates. There is a need for you to demonstrate a commitment to Health and Safety, the environment, your employees and sometimes quality standards, which may require a cultural change within your workplace. At DDFL we will work with your management team in order to guide you through the implementation of the procedures and best practice in Health and Safety and environmental management. Alongside this we will provide support to ensure your team understand their responsibilities, reducing costly accidents and incidents to satisfy the requirements of the PQQ assessors.