Noise at Work Regulations require employers to carry out health surveillance (hearing tests) for ALL workers at risk due to noise. This means that workers who regularly wear hearing protection at work should take regular hearing tests.

The WorkScreen occupational hearing test service makes audiometric tests at work easy, flexible and convenient without specialist training. As a no-contact self-test hearing check, WorkScreen is safe and easy to use as part of distancing at work, reducing risk to your staff.

WorkScreen provides instant hearing test results, recommendations and information for any number of workers, in any location, at any time of day. Testing and reporting follow HSE guidelines, supporting compliance with Regulations.


Why We Work With WorkScreen

  • Best for beating C-19: No contact testing means minimal C-19 risk to your staff or need to adjust to your distancing policies.
  • Best for H&S Managers: WorkScreen is cost effective & simple to operate for the smallest companies as well as large organisations.
  • Best for Staff: test any number of staff at their convenience, 24/7 to suit shift patterns, absentees or productivity requirements
  • Best for Administration: the fully-automatic test and personal reporting service reduces administration time for managers and staff.

 WorkScreen is an innovation from the UK, conceived to simplify hearing tests at work. For more information or to try WorkScreen, Talk to us or contact WorkScreen directly.